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Welcome to the Edgeworth Society wiki. This project is a result of collaboration between the Edgeworth Society and the Edgeworthstown Heritage and Historical Group. The EHHG published a book in 2003 which featured the history of houses, businesses and organisations in the town. Almost 2000 photos were collected for that book and about 800 were included in the book. The Longford News and Longford Leader allowed us to use material from their back issues and we had contributions from Martin Morris in Longford Library as well as Edmundo Murray in Geneva. We also got assistance from Mary Carelton Reynolds in Longford Library. The Committee that gathered all the information for that book were

Chairman: John Leavy

Secretary: Anna McGerr

Joint Treasurers: Rita Brennan/Anna Singh

Members: John McGerr Sr., Hugh Brady, Kathleen Connell, Bobby Farrell, Rita Brennan, John McGerr Jr., Paddy Walsh, Monsignor Earley, Jimmy Coyle, Tom McLoughlin.

A lot of these people have since passed away - may they rest in peace

That book is out of print and no longer available to purchase and the idea of this wiki is to recreate the data from the book on the internet so that people can search for information, or just browse through the data. You can view our copyright message here Mostrim_Parish_History:Copyrights

The information on this wiki is from the first EHHG publication 'ó theach go teach' so is more that fourteen years old. At some point in the future we may undertake a project to update the data but that won't happen immediately.

There is also information from the second book 'Myths and Memories' that we hope to add soon. Unlike the previous book this one is still in print and can be purchased if required so some data won't be featured here.

We hope that you will find the information here interesting and useful and will treat it with respect.

If you have any queries you can reach us via the Society website Contacts page Contact Us Please note this will take you to the main Edgeworth Society page.

The search box at the top will allow you to search this wiki - with some restrictions - results will take you to the page, not directly to a name. For more help Search Help

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