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The Rectory

Rectory3small.jpgThe rectory was built about 1732. It has important historical connections with the Edgeworth family and may have been originally constructed as a dower house associated with the family. Rev.Robert Edgeworth was the rector here during the mid-eighteenth. He later converted to Roman Catholicism and moved to France, where he was ordained a priest. The rectory was the birthplace of Henry Essex Edgeworth (son of Robert), L'Abbe Edgeworth De Firmont (1745 - 1807), vicar-general of the Diocese of Paris at the height of the French Revolution. The Abbe Edgeworth De Firmont attended Louis XVI on the scaffold prior to his execution and later fled with the remnants of the French Royal family to Russia. He died of the typhus there in 1807 whilst attending captured French soldiers in prison. This rectory forms an interesting pair of related structures with the associated church and it is an integral element of the built heritage and history of County Longford. The simple outbuilding to the rear and the rubble stone boundary wall to the road-frontage complete the setting and adds to this notable composition. This house was later home to an aunt of Oscar Wilde and it was here that his beloved sister Isola died in 1867.