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St. John's School

Johns School.jpgSt. John's National School - built in 1886. It was stated that the school consisted of a stone building in a fair state of repair and that it had been erected by the Edgeworth Family. It was a one-storey building and there were suitable privies. The building had two rooms but on one day of the week the second room was used as a loan fund bank. In September 1888 the manager was informed that the Commissioners offer no objection to his holding short services in the schoolroom for a few Sundays while the church was under repair.

Recorded Teachers
Francis Daly
Alice Cox (Toft)
Matilda Sloan
Sarah A. Thornberry
Kathleen Geoffroy
Sofia Johns
Alice A. Bloomer
Mrs Elsie Quinn
Miss D. Shannon
Miss Betty Henderson
Margaret Moorehead
Gemma Bn Ui Chuinneagain
Mrs. G. Waters